Revenge of the Fallen

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Revenge of the Fallen (RotF) is a privately-developed game based on Realm of the Mad God. Revenge of the Fallen is not connected with the game Realm of the Mad God, developed by Wild Shadow Studio and published by DECA Games.
This wiki serves as an information origin for all things unique to this private server. For discussion and community, please visit the discord mentioned below.


Revenge of the Fallen is different from other private servers and Realm of the Mad God in so many ways…

  • New features such as Market, Potion Storage, Runes, Legions and much more
  • New weapons, abilities, armors, rings
  • New consumables such as Item Crates, Potion Crates, Special Crates, and much more
  • Commands for players and donators
  • Slightly boosted but fair experience and fame gain
  • New Tiers such as [Primal] [Legendary] [Unique] [Heroic] [Artifact]

If you enjoy playing this server, then consider inviting your friends using this url:

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This site is currently maintained by various editors. Editing of the wiki is currently limited to approved editors only. If you notice an error and would like to submit a correction, or have a kind suggestion for this site, message me on Discord, InCrIpTiOn#0001. All queries about becoming an editor of this wiki should be directed to Filisha#8888.

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